Hoodlums in the Target Parking Lot

First of all, Target is a great store. Marie and I try to shop there at least once a week. Where else can you get landry detergent, an i-Pod cover and a $7 t-shirt?
Today, we made a run to Target and drove right into an interesting situation. Two teen males wearing gear that would indicate they were gang members were in the process of knocking a bike lock off of a bike attached to the bike racks. Marie looked at me and said, "let's do something!"
I looked at her and said and something to the effect, "Marie, this is not worth getting shot for."
One of the hoodlums was wearing a baggy sweatshirt that contained a bulge in the front pockets (a gun?!)
Anyways, we drove past the scene and parked the car. I got out of the car and stared down the guys, as they rode the stolen bike past me. (Okay, I didn't stare them down, I just walked past them, but when you read what my wife did next, I had to make it sound like I did something!)
My wife, Marie (a German), stayed in the car while I ran into the store. She couldn't stand to see such injustice take place and when the hoodlums rode past our car, one of the guys looked at her and said, "what's up"
Marie without missing a beat said, "nice bike." The hoodlums glared back at her and rode off.
I was upset when I heard how Marie had attempted to say something to the guys,
(she promised not to confront gang members again) but it got us both thinking about how people respond in different ways to injustice.
Some people try to just look away and not get involved like I did with the hoodlums. Sometimes this is for good reasons (we could get hurt), other times it is because we don't care or are too busy to stop our important tasks.
Other people try to take on injustice without a well thought out plan like my sweet wife tried to do in the parking lot with the hoodlums.
We agreed today, that we want to be people who take notice of injustices around us and appropriately get involved through a well organized and well thought out plan and then do something!
There are alot of injustices going on today in our world, from stolen bikes to civil wars.
As church leaders how will we respond to injustice?
#1 - Will we ignore injustice and not get involved? (after all, we might get hurt)
#2 - Will we react out of emotion without a well thought out plan? (like many well meaning churches)
#3 - Will we gather our resources and each other, make God directed plans and then do something! (like Nehemiah did in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem)

Good questions to ponder.
A lot can be learned at Target.


  1. 1. Good point
    2. Marie is tougher than I thought. If she will stand up to gangstas, she would take me out.
    3. Target costs me $100 every time my wife steps foot in the door. Instantly. It's just a guarantee.
    4. I love that you are working on the plan for us. It seems like God is really working on your heart and I love it.

  2. I was wondering if it was the target near Grand st.. cause every time I used to go there, it seemed that there were potential Hoodlums just hovering around it. I stopped going to that one when i lived in that area for that reason.. Anyway, great analogy.. I'm glad you guys were safe but sorry the hoodlum got away w/ the bike..

    P.S- I was laughing so hard when I read Marie's reaction. I totally pictured it in my mind..Marie definatly has a tough side to her that no one would suspect.


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