Santa Ana, California

I live, work and serve in the City of Santa Ana.
I love this City.
My City has lots of problems though.
Poverty, Gangs, Immigration issues, Anger, Crime, Graffiti, Rich Parts, Poor Parts, Divorces, Racial Tension, Education, Forclosures, Greed, Lust, Overcrowding just to name a few.

My city is like a lot of cities, sin and the effects of sin can easily be noticed.

There is hope for my city.
Because the sin of the city can in many ways be so easily noticed,
the people of God of the city can see what needs to be prayed for, responded to, addressed and brought into the light of Jesus Christ.

There are almost 300 Churches in the city of Santa Ana
Today 30 of us representing some of these Churches, gathered for a day of touring the city, and praying for the city, We also discussed how we can work together as Churches, Non-Profit Development Organizations, Politicians and Business Leaders to make the city a place where Jesus can be seen by the residents of the Santa Ana.

We made it our goal that in 10 years, when someone asks, what areas/neighborhoods of Santa Ana are underserved or overlooked, the answer will be, "there isn't one, the Church is here."

God is doing something unique and fresh here in Santa Ana.
Buckle up.

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"We are made for God and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in

- Augustine

"They didn't come to see you, they came to hear from Jesus."

-Message written on J Vernon McGee's Pulpit