The Violin Guild by NT Wright

Eric Wakeling, one of the teaching pastors at our Church, (Calvary Church) found a parable written by the theologian NT Wright, which he wanted to share as part of his sermon a few weeks ago on John 10:22-42. This passage from John sadly describes the Pharisees and Religious leaders of Israel rejecting Jesus. Wright's parable is meant to be a creative version of these events using the parable of a Violinist.

Five of our talented staff/members of Calvary Church (Anna Gold - Illustration, Tammy Harris -Video Editing, Ryan Roehl-Sound, Trevor Behrns-Director and Chuck Ball-Narration) worked together behind the scenes to put it in the format you see below. We showed this to begin Eric's message from John 10 to set up the sermon.

Powerful video!

The Violin Guild by N.T. Wright from Calvary Arts & Media on Vimeo.


  1. This is probably your best blog post of all time

    1. I also agree with you Eric. This post is really valuable and I can see why this is necessary to past this blog to everyone.


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