Nice to meet you Seth...

A week ago Sunday, Marie and I welcomed our newborn son, Seth Russell Doan into the world..
He was born in Irvine, weighing in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces and 20 inches.  God is good!
The past week has been filled with getting to know this little guy and adjusting to being a family of 5.

Why the Name Seth?
No we didn't name him after Seth Myers of SNL Fame or after actors Seth Green and Seth Rogan.
Nor did we name him after Seth Godin, the Blogger and Marketing genius (although he is a pretty great guy). I do have to say that our friend Seth Beasley is someone I admire and respect a lot and he gave the name some great credibility.  As did our family friend Seth Lemons and his amazing 3 year old BMX skills.

The thought of naming our son Seth, first came to us 5 years ago, when I was sitting in a Old Testament History class at Talbot Seminary and we were studying Genesis 4.
In Genesis 4, Eve is quoted as saying, “...And she gave birth to a son, and named him Seth, for she said, 'God has appointed me another offspring in place of Abel, for Cain killed him.” Eve names her 3rd child, "Seth" which means "appointed one" or "substitute one" in Hebrew. Adam and Eve named him Seth to commemorate and remember God's faithfulness to them in providing them with a son after the awful tragedy of losing both of their sons, one to murder and the other to sinful rebellion.

After class that day, I immediately went home and told Marie about the name Seth and what it meant to Adam and Eve and why they named him that and how it would be a great name to someday name one of our boys after.

Fast forward 5 years ahead from that conversation to this past Fall.  Last Fall, Marie and I sadly lost a baby to a miscarriage. It was a really difficult and painful experience.  Yet God showed his faithfulness and kindness to us in allowing us to get pregnant with Seth only a short time after that!  We feel so humbled by God's provision of a new baby.  This is one reason we wanted to name him Seth, as a way of reminding us of how God so quickly provided for us after the tragedy of our miscarriage. And as Seth was Adam and Eve's 3rd child,  our son Seth, is our 3rd as well.

Adam and Eve's Seth, is also found in the New Testament book of Luke as being in the family line of Jesus.  In Luke 3:38, Seth is listed as the son of Adam and Jesus', great, great, great, great x 20 grandfather, in the family tree of Jesus.

Why was Seth listed in this line?

After the death of Abel and the sin of Cain, Seth became the next oldest son and took the place of the firstborn of Adam and Eve, inheriting all of the status and rights of this position.  This meant that Adam and Eve's family name was passed down through the line of their 3rd son, Seth.  Extra-Biblical Historical accounts also describe Seth as being a man of noble character and wisdom (Josephus, Antiquities of the Jews).  Seth is a well respected historical figure by both Christians, Jews and Muslims. There is even a mosque named for Seth in Lebanon and there is a feast day of Seth on July 26th in the Armenian Apostolic Church calendar!

I know I am thinking way ahead, but perhaps God will use our little guy someday in World Missions with this commonly respected name to reach Jews or Muslims with the Good News of Jesus Christ!

So these are some of the reasons we named our son, Seth.  Thank you for your many prayers and encouragement for our family as we welcome our new son!

*Also - The middle name "Russell" is from Marie's Grandfather, Russell Hess....


  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing it.

    Love from Lloyd and Nancy

    1. Congratulations for you both. Waiting for a baby is a great moment in our life, especially after losing a baby. Thanks for sharing your joy.


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