Easter Egg Hunt at Cabrillo Park in Santa Ana

 Our Church, Calvary Church in Santa Ana (Ca), is excited to host our 4th annual Easter Egg Hunt the day before Easter this year on Saturday, April 7th at 9am at Cabrillo Park in Santa Ana.  This year we are distributing over 10,000 Easter Eggs to the kids in our neighborhood!  If you live close by, we would love your help in volunteering to run the Egg hunt or bringing your kids to participate.  If you want more info or want to volunteer, email me at mdoan@calvarylife.org

Today, I received this heads up email from our executive pastor about an Easter Egg hunt in Colorado Springs, Colorado that took a turn for the worst last Easter. Read about it in the USA TODAY here... 
Both my brother and sister and their families live in Colorado Springs and have small children.  Coincidence?  I think not...

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